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Why do we need MouthEze?

MouthEze is the only safe alternative to the outdated foam mouth swab – meaning you and your patients have peace of mind

MouthEze provides gentle mouth cleansing without the choke or aspirating hazards of sponge swabs or the awkwardness of toothbrushes

MouthEze is a single patient use product which can be cleaned under running water.  It’s dual action means it can be used to apply gels (to manage dry mouth) and also cleanse the mouth without causing trauma

What are the benefits of MouthEze?

MouthEze was developed following a medical safety alert from the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) which involved the use of foam mouth swabs.

Over 800 patient safety incidents have been reported by The National Patient Safety Agency, where the foam had had either become detached or broken

The cone shaped head and smooth rounded filaments soothe the soft tissues when cleansing the oral mucosa

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